Anonymous Income helps average people

We look for honest, legitimate answers for people looking for ways to make money online, everyday. That’s what we do.

We’re going to keep this very simple for you.

We don’t want to give you a run around and long sales pitch because if you’ve been looking for legitimate offers to start earning an income online, you’ve probably already wasted enough time with offers that don’t work for most people.

We are going to save you TIME, MONEY and FRUSTRATION that will make your life easier and help you move forward in achieving your income goals.

If you’re like most people, you’re struggling in this economy and you need additional income. There is no question that millions of dollars are made in various online businesses every day by people of who know how to use the power of technology to earn income.

You’ve undoubtedly seen hundreds of websites and offers to earn money online. There are no shortage of offers and claims that are hard to believe.

The reason why there are so many of these websites out there is because there are so many people like you that need help finding something that can work for them to develop a new income source. Let’s face it, making money online is an attractive idea.


That’s enough reasons right there for most people who take a look at this industry to want to know more.

Problem #1: Most people want the money and income but they don’t want to be “out there” selling some gadget or badgering friends and family to make a living. Most people want to maintain a low profile, make their money everyday, and not have a lot of hassles.

That’s where Anonymous Income comes in. Everything we have put together is designed with these objectives in mind.

First of all, the entire system is anonymous.

If you’re like most people, you don’t WANT to blast all your friends on Facebook to make money and with Anonymous Income …  you don’t have to. You can remain completely anonymous as you earn income online without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself or your family.

This has an additional benefit. When people know you make a lot of money, they will be coming to you to borrow from you, hassle you, insult you … you name it. It puts a bulls-eye on your back whether you realize this or not. Not everyone will think it’s great that you’re making money this way.

Also, because so many are getting more desperate in this economy, those who start to do well become targets so, being anonymous is a good thing.

Problem #2: There are so many different offers and ideas out there with all kinds of fees and costs, you are more than likely going to waste a lot of time and money just trying to find a legitimate opportunity that will work for you.

We Save You Time, Money, & Frustration!

Like most people you want to know what systems work out there and which ones do not. Our team consists of professional internet marketing specialist with as much as 15 years experience with online businesses so we don’t get overwhelmed with technical details.

Additionally, we don’t have a problem spending the 20-100 hours of testing that most programs, offers, ideas, etc. require in order to get a really good evaluation.

We have reviewed over 100 different programs, ideas, software, websites, memberships, widgets, gadgets, and all kinds of different schemes at the time of this writing.

What we have found after all that is that less than 5% of what is sold online as a viable, legitimate, sustainable and realistic method for the average person to make money online. That’s less than 5%.

That means that out of 100 different offers, (not including many duplicates that have been repackaged) less than 5 are realistic for you.

Now don’t get discouraged … We’ve got good news. There were a few that DID meet our strict criteria!

The question you have to ask is do you have the time to invest in each one to find ones that can generate the income that you need each day.

So what was the Criteria we used to evaluate all of these online ideas and business opportunities?


You would think this simple set of criteria would not be hard for many opportunities to meet. Unfortunately it is harder than it may seem. Some methods were lucrative but were borderline unethical and therefore not sustainable.

Others were sustainable but over-saturated meaning the average person did not have a realistic opportunity to make the money they wanted to make.

Still others were solid opportunities but they required advanced computer skills that the average person doesn’t have.

And still others would not allow you to remain anonymous which is important to many people.

So when you really look at the criteria we set for Anonymous Income, it really narrowed the field of opportunities to a select few that could work for our members.

After HUNDREDS of hours of research, our team came up with choices that meet our strict guidelines after careful evaluation.

If you become a Member of Anonymous Income, you get to see 3 different TESTED AND PROVEN systems that are working daily and that are 100% legitimate with low risk and easy for the average person to get started.

What makes our “REVIEWS” different than other “review” sites out there.

What you may or may not know is that most “review” sites out there are not legitimately reviewing a product or service as much as they want you to THINK they are and then quickly turn the “review” into a recommendation which of course, is with their own coded link so they get paid for sending you through to buy the product.

Now while there is nothing inherently wrong with this method of income generation itself, the basis of the review is flawed and a bit deceptive. Essentially you’ll find hundreds of “rave reviews” of the hundreds of sites and products we have passed on because the “rave reviews” were written by affiliates seeking to just earn a commission and they don’t meet the criteria.

Those who are posting review sites in the hopes you use their link to buy a product or service are not necessarily testing or even objectively critiquing the product or service so essentially, we found these could not be trusted.

Strict Criteria Review

When you consider our strict criteria for our review of over 100 different offers, programs, and opportunities, you’ll have to agree that the work our expert team has done is well worth the price we are asking for that information.

We give you access to our members area where you can get the results of our extensive research to find those opportunities that you know for a fact meet the requirements we spell out in our review criteria.

We share (3) different opportunities because we know that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” and so, we’re giving you three different but equally valuable choices for your Anonymous Income.